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Total Portfolio Value

ID13unique_id13$ Total Portfolio Value

Portfolio Sections

unique_id12ID12Section / CategoryNote% Share on Totaltotal13$ Share on Total
120011. Total Decimal Places10.001,000100.00
124033. Share on total visible10.001,000100.00
125044. Section Image10.001,000100.00
127066. Section Share Remaining All Sections10.001,000100.00
130099. All Tables same Design10.001,000100.00
13101010. Table Entries open by default70.001,000700.00
13201111. Table Entries New Dialog not on open10.001,000100.00
135012Change important to relevant, Space Boxes, Text shorter only 4 rows, Notice length, Edit on Entry Toggle display none, Blue Handwriting10.001,000100.00
140013Blog Background #333, Media Boxes "Loading" round corners, Modal Popups better10.001,000100.00
141014Affiliate Link Collection Landingpage for everything Crypto related10.001,000100.00
Sum 160.00 Sum 1,600.00

unique_id12ID12Section CategoryNote% Share on TotalTotal % Share to distribute$ Remaining from Total
120011. Total Decimal Places10.00-60.00-600.00

Portfolio Positions

imagenameunique_id14ID14Asset NameSection% Share on Sectionunique_id12ID12Section 12note12share12ID13total13% Share on Total$ Share on Total
Bitcoin1940Bitcoin1050.0013101010. Table Entries open by default7001,00035.00350.00
Bitcoin Diamond1960Bitcoin Diamond1150.0013201111. Table Entries New Dialog not on open1001,0005.0050.00
aelf1760aelf150.00120011. Total Decimal Places1001,0005.0050.00
Bit-Z Token1920Bit-Z Token950.00130099. All Tables same Design1001,0005.0050.00
Apollo1790Apollo350.00124033. Share on total visible1001,0005.0050.00
Aurora1850Aurora650.00127066. Section Share Remaining All Sections1001,0005.0050.00
Sum 300.00 Sum 60.00 Sum 600.00

ID14Section GroupedSection % Share to distribute

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