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Edan Yago of Sovryn ( joins Tatiana Moroz and Joshua Scigala to celebrate the beginning of a new year and the 12th birthday of Bitcoin. After some catching up and reminiscing on how the trio know each other, Edan reinstates how both Joshua and Tatiana are “OG” when it comes to the Bitcoin game. They discuss the current trends in using your Bitcoin equity to draw loans against and the insinuated risk that entails. 

Tatiana does a mental check in with the boys to remind them that idealistic thinking may cloud the importance of what Bitcoin offers society:  decentralized, ‘debt free’, and freedom. Edan doubles down that all of the current moves in the cryptosphere are a natural progression of the well-designed concept and currency and to hold on tight while going on this crazy ride.

Edan then takes the spotlight to challenge mainstream ideas of Bitcoin and welcomes anyone to rebut his views in a healthy and constructive dialogue. Joshua and Tatiana are not one to shy away from a good debate and discuss his points head on while asking viewers to do the same in the comments below!

About the Guest(s):
Edan Yago is a founder of CementDAO, a decentralised tool to unite the fragmented stablecoin ecosystem by making them easily interchangeable for each other, CementDAO also provides community based curation of Stablecoins and protection for holders in case of a coin losing it’s peg. Previously, Yago was CEO and Co-Founder of Epiphyte, which developed enterprise software allowing banks and other financial institutions to integrate with Bitcoin. Yago has also helped found industry associations DATA and the Stablecoin Foundation in an effort to protect users from fraudulent projects and promote cross-industry collaboration.

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