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Published on August 16th, 2019 by DSholla

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“There is too much good in the DNA of Bitcoin to consider an outright ban.” — Bill Repasky

Location: Skype

Date: Wednesday, 15th August

Project: Frost Brown Todd LLC

Role: Corporate Attorney

Regulations are have always been in front of mind for the Bitcoin industry. Ever-increasing surveillance has accompanied the evolution of technology, primarily financial surveillance.

Bitcoin is the first money owned by the people and is often seen as a threat to the state, as such the state has struggled to adapt to it.

For businesses who operate in the industry, working with and understanding state regulations is non-negotiable. One company helping companies navigate this is Frost Brown Todd, one of the largest law firms in the Midwest United States.

In this interview, I speak to Bill Repasky, a Corporate Attorney with the firm, to talk about the potential hurdles of operating a Bitcoin ATM business. We discuss the regulatory requirements of FinCEN, Money Transmitter Licenses, and how the current landscape lends itself to companies able to scale.

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